Green Building, Green Living

Every part of what we do focuses on green building and sustainable building practices.  We integrate green building practices into every aspect of what we do, from design to demolition to materials selections to energy conservation.  Beyond green building and construction practices, we believe strongly in a green and sustainable lifestyle and we believe that quality, well designed homes and buildings can foster and encourage green living.  We also know that green buildings benefits their occupants in so many positive ways.  Green buildings offer:

  • Clean air to breath for the occupants (and reduced chemicals into our environment in general)

  • Quality, thoughtful construction that lasts a long time - a very long time if done properly (which translates into less maintenance, repairs and overall use of resources)

  • Energy efficiency which saves you money and conserves our natural resources

  • Healthy lifestyle - a well built green home encourages home cooking, composting, even gardening for some, community and family connection.