Remodels & Additions are the foundation of our work.   Over the years we have evolved into remodeling experts - we understand how to identify a client's needs and create beautiful, functional spaces.  It is our greatest pleasure seeing our client's joy in their new homes.  Here are a few of the areas where we can help you:



Do you find certain areas of your home are not used?  Are there certain areas where "traffic" bottlenecks?  Is it hard for people to feel comfortable in certain areas of your home?  Renovating your home can help - it can provide this much needed "flow" through your home, make your home feel larger, more functional, and generally more user-friendly.  The impact on your families lives can be substantial.  We offer our extensive expertise and experience to help you find that perfect "flow".  Does it mean moving a wall, adding-on, re-arranging cabinetry, moving or adding doors and windows?  We work with you to find solutions that will enhance your home, comfort, and organization.

Indoor Outdoor Living Room


Often times our home does not reflect who we are or how we live.  When you decide to remodel your home, you have the opportunity to create a home that reflects your lifestyle and how your family functions.  You can choose your storage needs, if you want a home office, how and where you want your kids to "play" in your home, how you want to entertain your guest and so much more.   Your home becomes a reflection of you and vice versa.  We spend a great deal of time in helping you identify your needs and how to integrate them into your home.  We work with you to truly build your "dream" home and lifestyle.

Second Story Remodel Addition


Many times we "outgrow" our home.  Our families expand, we start working from home, or we might start entertaining more.  Our lives change and we often face the dilemma - staying in our homes and adding-on or moving.  As housing prices continue to rise, we find more and more people deciding to do an addition to their existing home.  There are so many unique and innovative ways to add space to our homes.  We work with you to determine the best solutions for you, to carefully review options and restrictions and find solutions that will fit your investment and lifestyle needs.


Whole House Remodel Demolition


We understand that remodeling is a huge investment - maybe one of the larger investments you will make.   There are so many decisions and options to consider in choosing how and when to remodel your home.   We juggle jobs, retirements, mortgages, college funds, real estate values, market fluctuations and so many other financial commitments.  We work with you to create a budget that feels comfortable to you while still achieving your "dream" home.  We offer tools that assist you in managing your budget and staying focused on what is most important for your family and finances.

Project Management


Remodeling is challenging - this is no secret.  It can be similar to taking on a second full-time job.  It is emotional as well.  There are moments of frustration, joy, and indecision.  We have helped so many clients navigate this process.  We strive to make your job easier and more joyful.  We tailor our management to your needs.  Some people like to be very involved and have a lot of choices.  Some people like to be hands-off and let us make their choices.  The range is vast and we are here to accommodate you.  We have extensive tools available to assist in managing your budget, schedule, product decisions, and "Big Ideas".  We usually become quite close by the end of your project.