Robert Mesta


Robert started his career with A D Construction last year as a Journeyman Carpenter. Robert has an amazing eye for detail combined with a high level of craftsmanship and skill. He started his carpentry career working alongside his father in 2001, building everything from track homes to custom homes. From there, he transitioned into commercial buildings and then to multi-million dollar estates in the Bay Area. He now focuses mainly on remodels and additions and has the benefit of working locally in his own community. Quoting Robert, "needless to say I love building and never plan to stop!". When Robert isn't showing off his amazing skills, he enjoys fishing, being outdoors, camping, snowboarding, bike riding, going to California festivals, and doing his life-long passion of art work. Yes - amazingly enough - he is also an amazing artist!! A D Construction is so pleased to have Robert join their team.